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4/7/2012 NEWS: 2nd Ed. Manual for the United States of America available

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U.S. Armed Forces for iPhone and iPhone Touch 1.4.1


U.S. Armed Forces for iPhone and iPod TouchPurchase for $1.99

NEW in 1.4: Improved text layout for large documents.

Now with fullscreen text for iPad! This program is geared towards users serving in the U.S. Military, their families, veterans, and any other curious individuals. Users of our other apps requested an accessible version of The Uniform Code of Military Justice; we are delivering that reference along with other resources, lists, and a few relevant historical texts.

-Manual for Courts-Martial
-Code of Conduct
-General Orders for Sentries
-DoD Acronyms
-Military Occupation Codes

-Military Hardware section with aircraft, watercraft, land vehicles, and weapons systems

-On Maintaining an Army, George Washington
-Militia Act
-Account of the Battle Between USS Monitor and CSS Virginia
-Pearl Harbor speech, FD Roosevelt
-14 points, Woodrow Wilson
-The Marshall Plan Speech
-MacArthur's Farewell Speech to Congress
-Vietnam Veterans Memorial Proposal, Maya Lin
-Radio Address Regarding Kosovo, Bill Clinton
-9/11 Address to the Nation, GW Bush
-Report to Congress on the Situation in Iraq, David Petraeus
-and many others

-Coast Guard Navigation Rules
-Brief History of Headquarters Marine Corps Staff Organization
-Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management

-Texts for various hymns, marches, creeds
-List of current Decorations and Awards with criteria
-List of Enlisted and Officer Ranks for Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard with 2010 pay tables
-List of Major Bases with contact info and links
-Links to useful websites And finally, menus for current MRE packages

New Features Available to Purchase:
-Army Combat Training with M9/M11 Pistols (Price: $.99)
-Navy Lookout Training Handbook (Price: $.99)
-Marine Corps Retirement Manual (Price: $1.99)
-USAF General Flight Rules (Price: $.99)
-Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide (Price: $.99)

-Navy JAG Manual (Price: $.99)
-Iraq: A Country Study (Price: $.99)




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