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4/7/2012 NEWS: 2nd Ed. Manual for the United States of America available

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International Diplomacy 1.4.2


International Diplomacy for iPhone and iPod TouchPurchase for $2.99

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The makers of the Manual for the United States of America now bring you International Diplomacy. If you need to prepare a debate, travel abroad, or stabilize a fledgeling regime, you might gain an edge with this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Included Documents:
-United Nations Charter
-Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-Geneva Conventions
-Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
-Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
-Camp David Accords

Informative Lists:
-Nations with data about government, languages, nuclear capability, alliances and organizations; Background Notes, Foreign Relations, and Embassy information from the U.S. Department of State
-Emissions Reduction Commitment numbers from nations as of the Kyoto Protocol
-All Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Medicine, Peace, Physics
-Notable World Organizations with contact information
-Info about Terrorism Organizations, Suspects, and Incidents




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