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1st Edition Manual for the United States of America is no longer available. We invite you to download our new product
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We streamlined the original Manual for the United States of America for quickly searching information on the small screen. Along with the documents and presidential/state facts found in the original version, we have added more visual and timely information presented with higher resolution images. New features include news headlines, contact information for government officials, and an Election Center. We encourage you to explore different areas of the app to find sections about the flag, founding fathers, and influential writing.

Search a list of the following documents with notes: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalist Papers, Washington's Farewell Address, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address, How Our Laws Are Made, Civil Rights Act, and more. Explore ideologies that influenced the nation's founding with writing from Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, David Hume, and John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams.

Search facts and bios of Presidents, contact information for Senators and Representatives, bios of current Supreme Court Justices, information about current cabinet positions, landmark Supreme Court cases, and Rules of the U.S. Senate/House of Representatives/Supreme Court. View biographies and images of the original signers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Track election results for Presidential, Congressional, Gubernatorial races and special initiatives on state ballots. Includes searchable results from 2012 General Elections as well as 2013 Special Elections.

See copies of the original Constitution and Declaration of Independence, paintings depicting their signing, and high resolution images of national and state flag designs.

Get facts about states and territories, including a list of government officials with contact information.


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usa manual 2nd edition The Manual for the United States of America 2nd Edition is available (separately) for iPad on the App Store.


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