A Breakup Is Swift
A Breakup Is Swift (2016)
Live Performance Series: Two actors, 45 minutes

Actors re-create a friend's breakup conversation on stage
Video Player
Video Player (2014)
Interactive Object: Fiberboard, LED, note cards, 1’ X 2’ X 4’

This “mutoscope” displays the copy of a digital video obtained from the internet
Open Source
Open Source (2014)
Charcoal on wall, iOS Application, 65’ X 8’; (In collaboration with Becky Brown)

A gallery wall is used as a workspace for two collaborators to build an iPhone application
Liberator (2014)
Crayon on wall, 54’ X 8’

Data converted to binary code and written by hand in crayon.
We Have Never Been Modern
We Have Never Been Modern (2013)
Typed pages on wall, iPhone app

"Binary Torch" animation illuminates an ASCII art image
Snow Crash
Snow Crash (2012)
Printed pages on wall, 35' X 5'

Entire text of the 1992 novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, converted into chunks of QR Code
Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme
Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme (2012)

Animated GIF from woodcut prints
ASCII Self Portrait
ASCII Self Portrait (2012)

Colored pencil on paper, 22" X 30"
Memorial for Jason Pierce
Memorial for Jason Pierce (2011)

Sculpture, African Rosewood (1" X 1")